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05 April 2011


Are you interested in the world of astronomy? Do you like to see the stars, the moon, or searching for constellations? If your answer is yes, I’m pretty sure you would like to see that objects closer. You could do that with telescope.

Telescope, according to Wikipedia, is an instrument would help you to see objects in the sky closer. It is used to magnify distant objects. It was invented in the early 17th Century. There are two major types of telescopes: refractor telescope and reflector telescope.

If you want to have your own telescope at home, you really must know what type that suits you. Buying a telescope is like buying a car. You must set what do you expect from the tool then start searching the information because each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Nowadays, you can easily find online stores that sell telescope. You can read the description of the telescope and compare the price and select which best for you. Before using the telescope, make sure you read the instruction carefully for the safety use.