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29 March 2011

I love camping. How about you?

Do you like camping? I do like it. Camping makes me feel one with nature. Breathing in proper air, looking at the green grass and feel it with my own feet, looking up at the sky that free from pollution, food cooked over a campfire, and the other things you can’t get in your home. I would rather spend my weekend or holiday at a campsite rather than at a mall or any other place. Because you can get new adventures and experiences. Camping is just the ultimate escape for me and for those who lives in a city.

If you like camping, you should definitely have your own camping equipment. There are so many kinds of camping equipment such as sleeping gear, tents or shelters, packs and luggage, lightening tools, etc. I recommend you to browse and find enough information about what and where would you buy camping equipment, because quality is a priority.

Nowadays you can easily find information about camping equipment on the internet. You can tell which equipment is good by reading someone’s review. The internet just makes things easier for you because you can shop online for camping equipment. There are so many online stores that sell camping equipment with good quality and affordable price. You just have to take a look at previous buyer’s review for the quality and compare with the other online store for the price.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you! Camping is really the ultimate escape from busy city life. As far as getting equipment you should try The Sportsman's Guide. They have everything you could possibly need, and at really cheap prices. Check out their camping, page for tents and other gear or the camping furniture page for hammocks, and nice chairs.

beni said...

i love soccer... :D

AML said...

I love sitting on a bay area watching waves with my vernacular sight seeing and strolling along with the beach. feel the fresh air and watch children playing on the seashore. love that feeling. great post by the way.

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